The kurdish refugee corps returned to Kurdistan regional government

The corps of the Kurdish refugee that committed a suicide last week in one of the hotels of Birmingham city of UK, is returned to Sulaimaniyah international Airport

From his relatives and his friends and delegations  summit foundation for refugee and displaced affairs was greeted on Sunday morning at 3:00 o’clock 10th of February 2019 with supporting summit foundation for refugee and displaced affairs the corps of Aram Ali on the last Monday on 4th February  which was he committed a suicide by hanged himself arrived  Sulaimaniyah international Airport and hand it over to his relatives

Aram Ali is originally  from the city of sulaimaniah in Iraqi Kurdistan but he  moved to UK recently and due to his disappointment  with the authorities to gain permanent residency unfortunately after long suffering he suicide  and hung himself  on the 14th of February 2019 in the city of Birmingham – UK. Apparently, his name listed to be deported by the UK government

Aram Ali first moved to German but in consequence of exist inky fingers from Italy Germany resend him to Italy so after he moved to UK the same factor in UK he resent to Italy after this he gone to German but German compulsory deported him to Italy the last time he gone to UK

Summit foundation instruction are the result of his committed suicide are disillusionment  from countries behavior with refugee and some social problem

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